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Digital appointments as OT Group aims for growth


OT Group has added to its senior team with 2 new digital recruits as it seeks to more than triple its product offering.

The Ashton-under-Lyne company provides business services and workplace solutions and it aims to offer over 1m products to customers by the end of this year and 3m by the end of 2023.

As a result it has created 2 new roles, a Head of Digital Solutions and Business Solutions Manager.

Paulene Smith moves to OT Group having helped with the consolidation of Office Depot Europe’s ecommerce team and will become Head of Digital Solutions.

“My role will be to define the digital roadmap for OT Group,” explained Smith.

“I’m here to encourage collaboration between departments while being the voice of the customer – understanding their ever-evolving needs and how that translates into development and innovation for our digital solutions.

“While I am new to OT Group, there are some familiarities within the unfamiliar, and I’m looking forward to working alongside everyone within the business to drive our offering forward – delivering solutions that are effective, efficient, and enjoyable to use.”

Emma Foster becomes Business Solutions Manager and will lead the drive to grow its online product range to 3m.

“The beauty of this role is no one held it before me – so I have a completely clean slate to build a strategy based on the business needs. It’s a really exciting time to join the group – with lots of change on the horizon, and it’s good to be a part of the evolution of OT Group,” she said.

“I’m originally from a technology background, so I’m keen to explore other service opportunities for OT Group, in order to improve customer experience and retention while driving the wider business vision. There is great opportunity within the organisation at present, with lots of change, upheaval, and process updates – I’m thrilled to have a role in the next chapter.”

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