Campfire TikTok campaign for skincare brand gets 6.5m users in a month

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Manchester social media marketing agency Campfire kicked off its partnership with the UK’s fastest growing skincare brand with a TikTok campaign that gained more than 6.5 million views in one month. 

Campfire was appointed to achieve mass brand awareness for INKEY’s askINKEY service - a 24-hour digital service that allows people to speak to a specialist online about products and skin.

The agency, which was founded by ex-Social Chain Directors,  encouraged The INKEY List to adopt TikTok as its platform of choice. 

The result was a campaign that received more than 6.5 million views in one month, with over 50 creators taking part globally.

Alex Brown, CCO says “At Campfire we’re proud storytellers and actively encourage our clients to try new platforms to reach their desired audience in creative, innovative ways.

“TikTok was a no brainer for us given the current opportunity on the platform. TikTok is often mistaken for a music and dance outlet, which is far from the truth.

“This misconception has caused other brands to hesitate, leaving the goal wide open for early adopters. If someone offered you the opportunity to run ads or create promotional content on Instagram or Facebook fifve years ago, wouldn’t you jump at the chance now? 

“We want to help people move with the fast-paced nature of social media, proudly steering them in unique and engaging ways to ensure they achieve success on their platform of choice.” 

Colette Laxton CEO of The INKEY List, added: “We decided to partner with Campfire due to the level of creativity coupled with understanding both Alex and Joe presented us with.

“Social moves at a rapid pace… branching out into new platforms can sometimes be daunting. Overall, we’re extremely pleased with the results and partnership and can’t wait to see the further success of the campaign.” 

Campfire has worked with Chris Hand - a doctor of psychology who studies the effect TikTok has on users - to develop its use of the platform.