Fablr wins Struik Foods Europe account

Stephen Chapman's picture

Fablr has been hired by Struik Foods to create a social media campaign for Bunlimited and Ye Olde Oak.

The Leeds and Manchester web design and digital agency will start on the work this month, having already carried out 8 weeks of strategic planning.

“We are very pleased to be working in continued partnership with Fablr. I have always been impressed with their creativity and strong design skills in past projects,” said Bryn Scadeng, Head of Marketing and Innovation at Struik Foods.

“This, combined with their strength in analytics and a deep understanding of our two different brands, means they are the ideal digital marketing partner for us.”

Fablr has previously built the Bunlimited website, for the hotdog brand.

"Both Bunlimited and Ye Olde Oak are strong consumer brands that are all about fun, hassle-free meal times. When that's already priced into the product, it allows our team to be really creative in their social media content messaging across both campaigns,” explained Geoff Bretherick, Creative Director at Fablr.

“Obviously we're looking to generate more consumer awareness for both brands but the other deliverable will be helping Struik to understand their consumers a lot better in future. This is a brilliant campaign and we’re having a lot of fun with it.”