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Degree 53 launches redesign for Betfred Lotto

Betfred Lotto

Manchester UX, design and software specialist Degree 53 has created a new design for Betfred Lotto.

Chris Young, Head of Lotto, Virtual Sports & Esports at Betfred, said: “I am very pleased with the work the Degree 53 team have been delivering. Since the relaunch, we have seen record sessions and improved conversions on the product.

“Feedback has been very positive and we can see that many of our customers have started using the new apps. Overall, the improvements the team made have generated fantastic results and I expect this to continue going forward.

“Thanks to the team’s expertise, we’ll carry on making small improvements to optimise the user experience and create a fun and exciting product.”

Andrew Daniels, managing director at Degree 53, added: “I’m happy to hear the positive response from the Betfred team and it’s great to see the new Lotto design live. This redesign marks our ongoing partnership with Betfred to continue evolving their product portfolio through UX optimisation and modernising the design.

“It’s important to track any obstacles in the user journey and make improvements in these areas to increase conversion. Our knowledge of the gaming industry helps us to implement the latest design and technology trends to our clients’ products to facilitate that.

“We have a number of other projects with Betfred in the pipeline and I’m very excited to see them roll out in the near future.”

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