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Daisy Street launches nostalgic Miffy fashion range

Manchester fashion brand Daisy Street has launched its highly-anticipated Miffy Collection.

The new collection features 47 styles that encompass jackets, t-shirts, accessories, pin badges and sleepwear, offering an array of fashionable choices for all Miffy enthusiasts.

The Daisy Street Miffy Collection showcases the iconic Miffy character Miffy with an array of styles and options fusing nostalgia and contemporary fashion, offering something for everyone.

The collection will be available on selected retailers including ASOS, Truffle Shuffle, Thunder Egg, Giant Kitten, Juju Brighton, Spoiled Brat, Wardrobe, the Miffy Store and Silkfred, as well as on Daisy Street’s own online store.

“We are incredibly excited to unveil the Miffy Collection to our customers,” said Lauren Adams, Marketing Manager at Daisy Street. “Miffy holds a special place in the hearts of many, and we believe that this collection perfectly shows our dedication to creating nostalgic and wearable fashion for our community.”

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