Children’s Media Conference renames as Media Community for 2020

Stephen Chapman's picture

The Sheffield-based Children’s Media Conference has announced a temporary rebrand as the Children’s Media Community.

It’s to reflect a series of online content, which will lead up to a virtual conference in July.

The new theme is “Still Here Right Now” and online events will start with a focus on China, supported by the Department of Trade and Industry.

This will be followed a weekly series of webinars and content.

“The Children’s Media Community always steps up in a crisis. Maybe it’s because we’re conscious of our responsibility to help the children’s audience handle difficult situations, understand their changing world, and still have some fun along the way,” explained Greg Childs, Editorial Director at CMC.

“In the last few weeks the children’s content community has been nothing short of brilliant in pulling together a new way of looking at the conference they help create every year.  As a result we’re pleased to say that CMC 2020 is rebranding ‘for the duration’ as the Children’s Media Community and refocusing its theme from ‘Right Here Right Now’ to ‘STILL Here Right Now’.

“What that means is that volunteer producers will still work on great sessions, helped by the CMC Advisory Committee, and they’ll be delivered to people’s desktops on a regular basis right up to and including a virtual conference in July. We can come together as a community to share the learning, insights and inspiration, challenge, argue and discuss – just as we do in Sheffield – but you’ll need to make your own tea.”

The Children’s Media Conference is now in its 17th year.