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Conscious Ad Network and Dentsu Creative launch S2 of Conscious Thinking podcast


The Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) has teamed up with Dentsu Creative to launch a second season of Conscious Thinking, the podcast which takes an uncompromising look at some of the most challenging issues facing the advertising industry.

CAN launched in 2019 as an international coalition of over 150 advertisers, agencies, tech providers and civil society organisations, with a mission to break the economic link between advertising and harmful content that divides communities, excludes diverse voices, exploits children and undermines scientific consensus.

Founded by Jake Dubbins and Harriett Kingaby, CAN works directly with advertising platforms, media owners and publishers to pioneer changes and set new human rights perspectives within the advertising industry.

The network has to date partnered with the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the UN Forum for Business and Human Rights in Geneva and Bangkok and in the #standup4humanrights campaign for migration and migrants, worked with Google to create the first global policy for climate misinformation, and created an open letter signed by 300 businesses, climate leaders and cultural figures championing this shared definition of climate misinformation including the French economist Laurence Tubiana, SSE and Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja, aka 3D, and worked tirelessly across digital platforms to fight hate speech, racism and climate change denial, among many other achievements.

Hosted by Ete Davies, Dentsu Creative EMEA COO, the Conscious Thinking podcast series will address CAN’s seven key manifestos, covering hate speech; dis/misinformation; diversity and inclusion; children’s wellbeing; climate and sustainability; informed consent; and advertising fraud.

The Conscious Thinking trailer

CAN and Dentsu have assembled some of the sharpest, most forward-focused guests from the world of advertising and beyond for the series.

Episode one is on the topic of Climate and Sustainability Accountability, looking at what, if any, meaningful progress the advertising industry has made over the past year – and how to chart the way forward now that COP27 is on the horizon.

Speakers on the panel include Stephen Woodford, CEO of the Advertising Association, Suzie Rook, head of group brand and design at SSE, Jake Dubbins, Co-founder of CAN, and Anna Lungley, chief sustainability officer for Dentsu International.

Other topics of discussion in series two include child welfare and safeguarding online, the US midterm elections and the Roe v. Wade ruling and hate speech in sport in the context of the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Host Davies said: “Advertising has a unique power to spread ideas and shape behaviours to change society and invent the future. Its science underpins some of the most pressing battles facing humanity – from the way we mobilise to combat climate change, to the fight against disinformation in health and global politics, to the fight against prejudice and poverty.

“Is it time for those specialists, from the world of advertising, to step forward and ask what might our solutions to some of humanity’s biggest problems look like? We hope this podcast provokes debate and crucially, inspires change.”

Jake Dubbins, co-founder of CAN added: “Advertising and marketing play a huge role in changing hearts and minds across the world. With such influence, we need to carefully consider the impact of our actions, how we create and what we share with the world, from our media spending to the norms we’re projecting. Having the opportunity to promote this message alongside Dentsu is a great step towards generating further positive conversations.”

Conscious Thinking is available at all your favourite sources, including Apple and Spotify, and more information can be found on the Conscious Ad Network website.

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