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Code gamifies Google rankings


Code Computerlove has produced an interactive game to investigate Google rankings.

With companies investing so much time and money into what’s hot and what’s not in terms of search, Code came up with the Higher Lower Game to highlight some of its findings.

“The new Higher Lower Game highlights the fact that celebrities and trivial subjects are searched for more than important world issues such as climate change and refugee crisis. It raises interesting questions about the attitudes and cultures around us but also gives valuable insight into how to position charity campaigns in the future,” explained Gareth Evans, search and media manager at Code Computerlove.

“The online game has been launched as an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) so that we can continually iterate as consumers use it. Making a fun game that works on any sized device, whilst retaining the same playability and enjoyment is a challenge that can only be solved by making something, testing and learning from it.”

He added that so far the highest recorded score on the game is 113, with the average score between 3 and 4.

“By allowing the teams to collect a large amount of validated learnings, the idea is that it forms part of our learning and development and that intelligence from it can be used to inform future work,” continued Evans.

“The idea also came about because we wanted to make keyword research, a sometimes boring SEO task, into something interesting, insightful and fun. We see this evolving into something much bigger with the addition of categories within the search results data and future plans could see the introduction of leaderboards and different sets of data too so we can be very specific about who we are targeting.”

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