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Code and Chief blow up chipmunks to promote electrical safety


Exploding chipmunks feature in a tongue-in-cheek digital campaign created by Code Computerlove for the Electrical Safety Council.

The video will be promoted through social media and underlines the dangers of buying “dodgy, knockoff” electrical equipment. There will be a “modest” Facebook advertising campaign and users will be encouraged to share the video virally.

“This is a completely new approach for the Electrical Safety Council, who wanted to be able to reach as many consumers as possible, cost-effectively, in social media channels. The video, as a disruptive marketing tool, delivers greater standout for important, but often ignored, safety messages,” explained Code’s creative director Stefan Shaw.

“The piece has a serious safety message behind it – don’t get exploded by buying dodgy electronics – but rather than using people its was a lot more fun to use chipmunks! We worked with Chief Productions to bring our idea to life and we’re delighted with the end result.”

Code is currently working on the Electrical Safety Council’s new website, which will go live early next year.

“We have run a number of safety campaigns in the past but never with exploding chipmunks! But we knew if we wanted to get people to sit up and take notice in social channels we had to do something that suited the medium,” added Emma Apter, the Electrical Safety Council’s head of communications.

“The run up to Christmas is a particularly important time of year to convey safety messages about the value of buying genuine goods, as people look for ways to save money on gifts such as hairdryers, straighteners and electric gadgets. The video quite clearly shows the consequences of buying knock off goods and we hope it can actually save lives this year.”

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