TfGM launches real life Car Share series for new campaign

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Huddersfield-based One Smart Cookie Communications has launched a reality car share video series for Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) that encourages Mancunians to lift share.

The series features commuters having real, unscripted conversations on their way to work, recorded by in-car GoPro cameras. Topics include the merits, or otherwise, of dyeing nasal hair with Just For Men, the benefits of dishwasher steam facials and neighbourhood swingers.

The content is being rolled out across a variety of social media channels, and also exists at a dedicated website. Radio ads featuring the in-car conversations are also running on Heart FM and Capital.

TfGM is partnering with – the UK’s largest car sharing network – for the campaign. Customers inspired by the videos are being encouraged to find a travelling companion near them, by registering at

The agency is run by former journalist and PR pro Nick Hulme and specialises in online video content.

He said: “Lift sharing is a great way to keep Greater Manchester moving and help tackle the urgent air pollution issues the city faces. For this campaign, there was no script, no director, and no opportunity to hide on the back seat to make sure everything was running smoothly.

“Peter Kay had a full production crew. I had a couple of Go Pros and some members of the public. Thankfully, we ended up with some hilarious material and the early reaction on social media has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The campaign hopefully demonstrates that lift sharing is a great way to make a friend, while looking after the bank balance and the environment.”