Peter Crouch to present fourth podcast series from lockdown

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Peter Crouch Podcast

The Peter Crouch Podcast is returning for a fourth series next week with the regular trio of presenters broadcasting from their homes during lockdown.

The BBC podcast, presented by the former England striker, Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark, is one of the UK’s most popular and was downloaded and played about 12 million times on BBC Sounds and other platforms in 2019.

Crouch said: “Normally, we’d have a few months off between series. But these aren’t normal times, as me currently acting as my children’s maths teacher indicates, so we’re pulling our fingers out and recording Series 4 of the podcast from our separate homes.

“I’ll be plugging in devices I don’t understand and hoping they work. If nothing else, it’s got to be better than me teaching maths.”

Every Wednesday, Crouch will wear one of the shirts he acquired during his playing career and share the story and context behind it.

On Fridays, the trio will be joined by special guests from the footballing world.