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Boulton apologises after leaked video shows him swearing at colleague

Adam Boulton

Sky News presenter Adam Boulton has apologised after a video emerged of him swearing at colleagues, including deputy political editor Beth Rigby.

The video, which was shot during the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester earlier this month, was leaked to the Guardian. It shows Boulton swearing and shouting at colleagues as he appears to prepare to go live on air to present an item on Boris Johnson.

Talking to someone off-camera, the veteran broadcaster says, “just put the fucking seat in”, indicating the space to his right.

Becoming more exasperated, he shouts: “Yeah, well, she’s got to come and fucking sit here if she wants to be on telly,” before throwing his hands in the air and asking: “What the fuck?” Pointing to his right, he shouts: “Sit down there, stop fucking around.”

Rigby can be heard in the background saying: “I’m not fucking around, I was told not to come on and then to come on.”

A Sky News spokesman said: “Adam was operating in a high-pressure live TV environment. He acknowledges he should not have sworn and apologises to Beth.”

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