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Black Sheep Brewery says ‘drink more beer’

Jester Jacobs and Black Sheep

It may be Britain’s national tipple, but beer is under threat, and cask beer in particular.

Having been in steady decline for over a decade, pub closures during lockdown saw the industry take a serious hit. And now the cost-of-living crisis is putting further strain on the drink – with recent Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) predictions suggesting the price of a pint could hit £20 by 2023.

One brewery has stepped up to the mic to make the case for real ale, however. Black Sheep Brewery has enlisted the support of Leeds agancy, the ironically named in the circumstances Prohibition, and rap artist, Jester Jacobs, as part of its ‘Drink Cask Beer’ campaign to save the national drink and recruit new drinkers to the category.

Black Sheep has commissioned Jacobs to write and perform an honest, light-hearted rap about all things cask beer – detailing everything from the amazing qualities of the drink, to the unique brewing process, as well as the wider issues facing the cask beer industry and British pubs.

The rap video is part of Black Sheep’s year-long ‘Drink Cask Beer’ awareness campaign – a bold attempt to attract younger drinkers to the category and help to reposition cask beer as a diverse, progressive and relevant drink in today’s broad market. In turn, Black Sheep hopes to help stabilise the decline of this most iconic British drink.


Jester Jacobs’ beer-themed rap

Despite being the ‘original craft beer’, data from Cask Ale Week shows that the volume of cask is down 25 per cent this year, compared with 2019. The data suggests that consumers are drinking less cask beer and as a result, fewer pubs are selling it.

Will Ockenden, director and co-owner at Prohibition, said: “This activation is part of a big, bold campaign from Black Sheep running through the year aimed at repositioning cask and building its relevance amongst a younger more diverse audience. It’s an ambitious aim, but we’re getting there, and by working with talent like Jester Jacobs, we can present the iconic drink in a new context, while communicating a serious message. Black Sheep is keen to take a challenger position in everything the brewery does, which allows us to flex when it comes to creativity, which is always welcome.”

Rapper Jacobs added: “It’s easy to forget how much we missed pubs when we couldn’t visit them. They are often a place of sanctuary and need our support more than ever. It’s my pleasure and privilege to write a rap for Black Sheep Brewery, go to the pub with my pals and for this to be considered a positive contribution to a struggling industry.”

Black Sheep Brewery is planning further instalments with more creatives in the near-future, to continue its mission to protect and grow the cask beer category.

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