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“Be Braver”: Big brands and agencies should commission new talent

Big brands and agencies should consider new and emerging companies from across the country when making appointments. That’s the rallying call from Creative England.

It will challenge the advertising agency at a major conference later this month, daring them to be braver in how and where they find film, television, games and digital talent.

“The world of marketing, agencies and big brands is one I have occupied for most of my career. Working for the likes of Nintendo and Universal Pictures, coming to Creative England has been an absolute revelation to discover the breadth, strength and pure creative power of untapped talent and start-ups from across England,” said Dawn Paine, chief marketing and strategy officer for Creative England.

“I believe that ground-breaking work can come from big players daring to work with small start-ups and emerging talent. Our mission here at Creative England is to challenge those in the industry to take a chance and discover the speed, agility and innovation that can come from tapping into our unrivalled network of disruptors from the worlds of digital, games, TV, film and content.”

This appeal echoes a similar one from the Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey earlier this year. Then he said that he was launching the Creative Nation programme, to bring large organisations and smaller companies together to “explore the boundless possibilities for growth and innovation that the UK’s many small, but exceptionally talented, creative businesses can offer.”

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