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BBC announces winners of its remaining inaugural Green Sport Awards


BBC Sport has named the four remaining winners of its inaugural Green Sport Awards.

As part of the BBC’s commitment to sustainability, the awards celebrate people in sport who are contributing to a greener future.

With so much positive action being taken to maintain the sustainability of the sports industry, the BBC had identified a long list of athletes, former athletes and sports organisations who are doing their bit for the planet.

Nominations for the awards opened earlier this year and the selected winners, announced today, include individuals and organisations from across the globe.

Barbara Slater, director at BBC Sport, said: “The BBC Green Sport Awards were created to acknowledge that Sport is not immune to climate change and we felt it was important to recognise, celebrate and raise awareness of the individuals within the industry that are going the extra mile for a greener future. Congratulations to all the winners, we hope they continue doing brilliant work that inspires and encourages others.”

As well as the winner of the Evergreen Athlete Award, which was announced in July and went to former racing driver Leilani Münter, who was one of the first athletes to use her platform to such effect raising awareness of environmental issues the panel of judges, which included BBC climate editor Justin Rowlatt and winter sport presenter Ed Leigh, the judges announced the follwing winners.

David Pocock, a former rugby player who has particitated in a number of campaigns, including persuading over 300 athletes to write an open letter to the Australian government encouraging climate action in the Cool Down Initiative, picked up Athlete of the Year

Young Athlete of the Year went to Morten Thorsby, who plays for Union Berlin and Norway and consistently engages his fellow footballers in conversations about environmental issues and climate action. The 26-year-old founded the We Play Green Foundation, specifically aimed at bringing together footballers and galvanising climate action in the football industry.

Sail GP was given the Ambition & Impact Award as a climate-positive sport which has achieved a 47 per cent carbon emission reduction. Along with the sailing competition on the sea, the teams must prove their commitment to making the sport sustainable through their Impact League – a separate leaderboard and prizes.

Finally, the Teamwork Award was handed to the Jadir Taekwondo Association (AJTKD). Based in Rio de Janeiro, Jadir Taekwondo Association has shown a commendable commitment to environmental education and the future of youth from deprived areas surrounded by conflict and armed violence. AJTKD have been working towards a better planet through involving children in interactive classes about how to live more sustainable lives.

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