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Avatar’s James Cameron connects with North East tech firm


Ahead of the release of Avatar: The Way of Water, James Cameron has been talking to Newcastle’s Armatus Oceanic.

The deep ocean and science consultancy has recently developed a strong connection with the Hollywood filmmaker, to the extent that he appeared on their latest podcast – Pressurised: 008 to talk deep sea technology.

“Early last year, we were lucky to speak with James Cameron on our light-hearted monthly podcast. We chatted about his passion for the ocean, some of his own deep-sea adventures, and he even gave us some spoilers about the newly released Avatar 2 film,” explained Armatus CEO, Professor Alan Jamieson.

Cameron has had a long interest in deep-sea exploration and journeyed alone to the Earth’s deepest point, the Challenger Deep within the Mariana Trench.

It’s an area where Jamieson is a leading authority:

“Cameron reached out to us after our autonomous deep-sea landers caught his attention. He has been since involved in several of our deep-sea projects.

“This pioneering technology allows us to send cameras, sensors and traps to the bottom of the ocean in order to capture images and data about the species that live at such depths.”

Armatus Oceanic has worked on documentaries including Blue Planet 2, NHK Deep Ocean: Descent into the Mariana Trench and Discovery Channel’s Deep Planet and Shark Week.

Its monthly Deep-Sea Podcast features 2 scientists from the company talking about there experiences of working in the deep sea alongside guests.

“I think where people have consistently gotten it wrong is that they think my primary focus in life is to make entertainment films for mass audiences – and it really isn’t,” Cameron told them.

“My primary focus in life is curiosity, and wherever that takes me.”

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