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Atomhawk designs cutting edge interface for VR games


Atomhawk, has been working alongside CCP and Sony on the newly released virtual reality titles Eve: Valkyrie and RIGS: Mechanised Combat League.

The Gateshead studio was behind the user interface for both the titles, with its team spending 10 months on Eve: Valkyrie, to understand the challenges of VR and the Occulus Rift technology and headset.

“As well as creating VR appropriate designs for the front end menu we also explored the design implications for the Heads Up Display, examining where it could live and how it should animate,” explained lead UI/UX designer Dan Gilmore.

They combined the UI/UX designs for the VR experience inside the cockpit with the concept art team’s designs for the interior and exterior of the spaceship, so as to create as realistic an experience as possible.

For Sony and RIGs, they looked at the Playstation VR operation and how sports graphics between matches might be displayed.

“We’ve now helped a number of clients address the challenges, barriers and new opportunities VR presents. As a result we’ve created our own bespoke approach to designing UI for VR which enables us to work quickly and efficiently to establish new solutions and to help clients and partners get up to speed with what VR can do,” continued Gilmore.

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