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Applied Nutrition and UFC star Paddy the Baddy launch new sports drink


Liverpool-based Sports Nutrition manufacturer Applied Nutrition has teamed with UFC star Paddy ‘the Baddy’ Pimblett to launch sports drink Body Fuel.

The new release is an electrolyte water sports drink that contains the optimum level of electrolytes, is sugar free, contains fewer than five calories per serving and is batch tested by Informed Sport, making it safe for professional athletes to use.

Applied Nutrition’s A.B.E. is already the highest selling pre-workout supplement in Europe, and the company sells its premium sports and lifestyle products, formulated and manufactured at its facility in Liverpool to more than 65 countries worldwide. The company also signed a partnership with Bolton Wanderers in September.

Body Fuel is the company’s latest release, and has been helping brand ambassador Paddy The Baddy during his last week of training before his upcoming fight on the December 10.

Controversial as ever, the UFC star has taken to YouTube Shorts to highlight some of what he, and Applied Nutrition, consider sub-optimal ingredients in the much hyped Prime Hydration drink from Youtubers turned boxers Logan Paul and KSI, stoking a theatrical rivalry that’s seen the pair challenging the UFC fighter on several occasions.

“Prime has got 2g of sugar in, ours has got 0g in. Much better, especially for your kiddies,” says the fighter.

Gareth Powell, Applied Nutrition’s head of product development added: “We have seen a worrying trend of sports drinks boasting ever higher levels of single electrolytes in an effort to convince consumers the more electrolytes, the better the product, but in reality this isn’t the case. While replacing electrolytes is crucial during exercise, the amount needed to be replaced depends on many factors such as a person’s size, what exercise they’re doing and how much they sweat, the range and quality of minerals and phosphates contained in a replacement electrolyte drink is also vital.”

Powell added: “We have formulated Body Fuel with 665mg of electrolytes, from a multitude of sources, in levels that we believe to be the optimum ratio needed to aid muscle function, rehydration and support most consumers in the widest variety of activities. In addition, Body Fuel is Informed Sport tested so it is safe for professional athletes.”

Applied Nutrition’s Body Fuel is available in Summer Fruits, Orange and Lemon and Lime flavours and can be purchased from Applied Nutrition’s website.

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