Former Hangar Seven Managing Director breaks down key steps to transforming a business in latest webinar

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by Josh Peachey

The latest Prolific North webinar saw the highly successful Mark Mallinder break down the necessary steps to re-engineer the operations of a company so that it can achieve its potential.

In April, we announced a new series of webinars specifically for leaders or senior managers to help them identify pain points in a business, and more importantly, fundamentally change them in order to help the business perform. 

Mark Mallinder has spent years working both client-side and agency-side, as a business owner, and also as Head of Marketing for DFS. 

He then joined Hangar Seven as Managing Director, achieving revenues of over £15m and employing 165 people across four offices before leading its eight-figure sale to The Hut Group in 2017. 

His concise webinar yesterday was an explainer to one of Mark's key philosophies, the fact that many of the inefficiencies in agency businesses are caused by problems that we create for ourselves.

Mark is a non-executive director of multiple independent agencies

He started by identifying inefficiencies commonplace in agencies that act as challenges to operational effectiveness, addressing how some of them are inevitable, and how they can all be tackled. 

His six-step process clearly outlined a strategy that agencies should use when looking to grow. In brief, the six steps he explored were:

  1. Identify the issue
  2. Have a commercial focus
  3. Have clear, shared goals 
  4. Be clear on areas of strategic investment 
  5. Have clarity on roles and responsibilities 
  6. Have a focus on sales

Whilst going through the six steps, Mark discussed a number of business models, such as the Three Horizons Model, and explained how they applied to different marketers. 

He said: "When we get the right people, doing the right things, at the right time, with great communication and clarity on roles and responsibilities, it stops wasting time, energy and money, and unlocks the true potential of a business."

After his presentation, Mark spent a further 15 minutes answering questions from webinar attendees using real-life case studies as examples. 

You can watch the webinar in full either below or on the Prolific North YouTube channel.

'Addressing your operational inefficiencies to unlock growth' with Mark Mallinder

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The next webinar in this series of re-engineering business operating will be led by Tony Rafferty, former CEO of Click here to register to attend on May 12th.