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2015 Bradford Film Festival “cancelled” 

A review is taking place into the future of The Bradford International Film Festival and Bradford Animation Festival meaning next year’s film festival may not go ahead.

Earlier this year, the Film Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary, with around 10,000 film-goers attending.

However, in a statement, organisers, the National Media Museum, said they were planning to “reframe the festival programme.”

“In order to make sure that they remain at the heart of what we do and that we remain at the heart of the First UNESCO City of Film, we are about to undertake a thorough review of our Film Festival strategy.

“We see Festivals as a huge opportunity to build new audiences for film, as well as providing platforms for innovative artists from around the world. They should help us to raise our profile, showing-off our expertise and collections in the history of cinema as a cultural and technological phenomenon. It’s also vital that our Festivals are cost effective and attract support from the industry. We want to take this opportunity to pause and take a good look at our Festival offer to make sure that it does all these things and more.

“Taking place over the next few months, our review will allow us to research other film and cultural festivals in the UK and beyond, to consult with audiences and industry experts, and to understand what opportunities are being created by new technologies. The aim is to relaunch with a new programme for festivals that plays to our strengths, identifies a meaningful niche for the Museum and provides opportunity for growth and development.

“We have an opportunity to rethink and reframe the festival programme for the National Media Museum, building on all the knowledge and experience that exists, and to propose a new, invigorated and different festival offer that will grow audiences and re-establish the profile and reputation of the Museum’s film offer.”

Bradford was named UNESCO’s first ever city of film in 2009. The Animation Festival is expected to go ahead next year as planned.

Previously it had been reported that the Film Festival had been cancelled in 2015, however, the Media Museum has today told to Prolific North, that there is still a chance it could happen. However, it may not be in its current format or time slot – as they wouldn’t be putting it on if the review was on-going.

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