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It goes without saying that the North of England and Scotland has some of the best business minds in the world. Find out what some of the best and most respected entrepreneurs, creatives, and business people have to say in our My Take series.

It’s pretty common these days in communications webinars and virtual workshops to hear “under no circumstances should you ever respond with no comment”. In interview scenarios this is absolutely true. However, in a small but often very critical number of situations, specifically when responding to media enquiries, it can still be a useful device in the PR toolkit, writes Tim Downs, Director of Aberfield.

Most proactive businesses began 2020 with a vision of the future and a strategy designed to enable them to compete effectively in that world, writes Steve McCarron Co-Founder and Strategy Director of The Planning Department.

As we move into the post-lockdown phase, these visions and strategies need to be reviewed. This is because many of the underlying customer behaviours and attitudes underpinning those strategies have changed.

Jamie Hinton, the CEO and co-founder of Sheffield tech firm, Razor on the psychology behind tech adoption and the future of the Track & Trace app.

Sam Gregory, joint MD of Tangerine, speaks to us about why their PR agency is part employee-owned.

Anna Dalziel, Director of Brand, UK & Global at Momentum Worldwide shares her thoughts on diversity in the workplace.

In Prolific North's Top 50 Digital Agencies list for 2019, a total of 12 agencies are Leeds-based. Six of those were in the top 10.


Should TV production companies take more responsibility for the psychological welfare of participants, asks YAFTA Managing Director Charlotte Armitage.

Katie Eborall, Director of Grayling's Leeds department, on why, with all the information we now have access to, honing in on your target audience means more influential and successful campaigns.

Whether you log into your online banking, access your account on your phone network provider’s website or visit an online retailer, chances are you’ll be prompted to interact with a chatbot to help you with your enquiry, writes Rob Macfarlane, director of marketing performance at mmadigital.

This November – just like every November in recent years – the nation waited in anticipation for their favourite Christmas advert to officially usher in the beginning of the festive season. Greg Clark, managing director of Sheffield's Über, examines how Christmas ads have evolved and how the most successful brands are making commercial messaging a secondary objective.


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