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At Prolific North we take a great deal of pride in supporting and guiding startups through the tough world of business. Discover some of the most innovative and exciting new startup businesses in the North right here.

If you want to lease a car, Moneyshake is there to do the leg-work and find the best deal.

Hy-genie was founded to tackle the scourge of infections spreading through hospitals known as HCAIs - or healthcare-associated infections.

Since launching last year, the founder of digital marketing agency Modo25 has poached some top talent and shown his ambition to offer a different marketing approach.

Since being founded in 2015, Tutorful has become the largest in-person and online tuition marketplace in the UK.

Digibete is a video platform and social enterprise created in partnership with the Diabetes Team at Leeds Children's Hospital.

DriverNet works with operators across health and social care transport, NHS mobile workers, bus and coach fleets, security and couriers, to digitally transform their operations.

Research shows that weighted blanket therapy creates a type of physical connection that has an abundance of positive effects on hormones governing the nervous system, affecting both mood and stress level.

Professor Mike Trenell swapped a life of academics to set up Changing Health, a behavioural change platform originating from Newcastle University.

The team at RotaCloud provides simple-to-use rota planning software for businesses.


HeteroGenius specialises in bespoke and off-the-shelf software solutions in digital pathology, medical image analysis, machine learning and data mining.


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