My Startup

At Prolific North we take a great deal of pride in supporting and guiding startups through the tough world of business. Discover some of the most innovative and exciting new startup businesses in the North right here.


Finstant promises a new way to see the future.

Founded by Dr Lucy Buckley, PhD and Kobi McCardle in June 2018, Dr Fertility was created to address the problem of conflicting, unreliable information about fertility.

Healthcare Engineering

Healthcare Engineering is hoping to revolutionise the delivery of front-line medicine through its patient-driven digital triage system, SmartER.


Veritent helps business and individuals keep track of where their images are being used on the internet, and has recently opened its public beta.


WayFare is a travel FinTech that’s dead set on helping people travel more without credit or sinking into debt.

Woosage is a new eCommerce platform founded by brothers Scott and Ryan Brant from Brighouse in West Yorkshire.

yboo is a phone contract comparison app which helps users choose the best mobile network provider based on their area.

30Seconds Media

Digital media platform 30Seconds Media puts its own spin on OOH marketing.

Padoq is a community-based social media platform that looks to take the stress out of organising events and group activities.


Talentful describe themselves as in-house recruitment specialists. They say "great teams change the world - but building great teams is difficult."


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