A Week in My Life: Tylo Penson, Senior Account Director, Media Agency Group

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Tylo Penson of Media Agency Group takes us through a week in his working life. To suggest another senior media or creative figure for A Week In My Life, please email david@prolificnorth.co.uk.


I like to start the week with an early morning gym session (normally with a few of the Media Agency Group team) as it helps to focus my mind and prepare for the week ahead.

I land at my desk around 8am and head straight into back-to back meetings with all our Heads of Department, commencing with a planning meeting with Ricardo Seixas, our Head of Digital who runs our ClickTap division. He joined us earlier on in 2018 from Google and he and his team are working on some great innovative client campaigns which, utilise skills across the whole of the business.

The afternoon is taken up analysing campaigns with our Head of Planning Amy Stringman, with emphasis on performance over the weekend and looking at ways we can optimise client campaigns for the forthcoming week.

A few of MAG team attend a client after-work event, but I have an early start tomorrow, so head home for a quiet evening with the family (if you can call it quiet with two small kids!).


I am on the red-eye 5.45am train to London, so sadly no early morning gym session today.

Although early, I find train journey’s a good time to catch up on the numerous emails which fill my inbox each day and a quiet time to reflect and plan.

I have a coffee and catch-up with a media owner at our new Shoreditch office at 9am. We have had a small office in the capital for some time, but we were keen to have a bigger footprint in London, as our London and international client portfolio expands. Our new home at Shoreditch emulates our HQ at MediaCityUK and we are proud to have two homes in renowned areas of creativity and commerce.

At 10.30am, it the first of three client meetings, including one with TodayTix https://www.todaytix.com/  who secure the best discounted and full price last-minute tickets available for the most sought-after theatre shows across the west-end and the USA. 

The afternoon involves a new business pitch and the day ends with a well-deserved catch up with the London team over an over-priced, artisan, craft ale.  


The shortlist for the Northern Marketing Awards is announced and we find out we have made it in two categories, which is a great start to the day.

I walk across London and head to St. Paul’s, where I am presenting a direct response (DR) campaign along with Rob, our digital account manager from ClickTap Media.

I then have a call with menswear urban fashion retailer 11 degrees https://www.11degrees.co.uk/,

The brand is now expanding into the female fashion marketplace and gaining real traction, particularly around its recent sports campaigns we’ve been running.

Having had a successful trip, it’s time to head back up north to spend the afternoon in our HQ at MediaCityUK, writing a new project brief and getting back on top of paperwork.


No gym session for me this morning, instead I end up refereeing a fight between my 4 and 6-year-old children, before dropping them off at school.

The office is relatively quiet as the planning team are TV at a media owner’s office discussing latest developments in programming and sponsorship and the digital team are out presenting at a networking event in town.

The afternoon involves a call with Partington’s Holiday Parks, to discuss ideas for 2019 and to review Summer 2018. The pro-longed hot weather in the UK had a big impact on consumers choosing to holiday at home, which had a big impact on our client. The lines between traditional and digital media have completely blurred and we find more and more of our clients are coming to us because we understand how to deliver a great integrated campaign.


I cycle into the office (I try and do this as often as I can) and get to my desk bright and early, as I have an early morning conference call with Verizon. We have a serious of projects running with them across different time-zones, so we’ve been having many late night or early evening calls.

I spend a little time looking through the news and social media sites including LinkedIn, to keep ahead of industry news and developments.

I have a quick phone call with our CEO John Kehoe, as he takes a break from his three-day coast-to-coast charity cycle ride.  We have a bit of banter about how his legs are faring up and then get back to work and set a date to talk about employee development and recruitment.

It’s been a busy 2018 for Media Agency Group and we have welcomed over 20 new employees since the start of the year. We pride ourselves in nurturing our team, ensuring they have can prosper and grow with the business and are always looking for new ways to ensure they feel valued.

I head home around 6pm and look forward to the weekend with the family.