Swiss management consultancy rebrands with Wash

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A team from Wash Design flew out to Geneva to work on a brand repositioning for executive management consultants, Kinetic Consulting.

The Swiss-based company approached Wash following its work with software development firm, Duco.

KineticConsulting“Being confronted with ex Senior Executives from Proctor & Gamble, guys who’s backgrounds also included being education at Sandhurst with earlier careers in the British Army, we knew we had some very strong minded characters to work with in taking this project forward,” said creative director, Andy Walmsley.

“Kinetic Consulting have a bold motto – ‘Vision into Action’ – and they adopt this throughout their business, we needed this to reflect strongly in the work we did whilst managing the project from becoming design by a very strong committee.”

Walmsley and head of digital, Lewis Carey undertook a series of workshops and discovery meetings in Geneva before returning to their Lancashire base.

“Creatively this site had huge scope, and the considerations to the site prior, as well as the relaunch brand work, provided a solid platform for design freedom, and the results were a great palette and large flat sections that together gave a fantastic opportunity for some strong content delivery,” added Carey.

“The technical build of the site was some of our most exciting work to-date and included use of the SASS extension for CSS and SVG masks on gradient transforms making it a pleasure for our digital team. It’s fluidity across a responsive grid gives the site many faces across different devices, something we’re always keen to explore and all with consideration from the off.”