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A Week in My Life: Jim Meadows, Managing Partner at Commit agency


Commit is a Manchester-based digital agency which focuses on the development of digital video communities, user generation of branded video content, and influencer opportunities. 

Jim Meadows, one of their managing partners, often takes to LinkedIn to discuss hot topics or market trends.

Here, he tells us what a week in his working life is like…


Monday starts like every day. As the father of four boys Reuben (7) Morgan (4) and twins Hector and Saul (2), the morning is a well-rehearsed symphony. Well, I wish it was. It’s chaos most days but I leave with everyone breakfasted, teeth scrubbed and hair brushed.

The train into Manchester gives me a good 45 minutes to catch up with social media and address overnight emails from our US clients. 

Today, we have a hard deadline for a campaign launch spearheaded by two incredible filmmakers – the problem is the creative has only just landed. 

We’ve prepped well, Adam (co-owner) putting in some extra dev hours over the weekend so we manage to launch before the US wake. 


Client day. Tuesday I work a long day usually around 12 hours. I despise hustle culture but there is truth in having (and wanting) to go the extra mile when you’re building something from the ground up. So Tuesday is an exception and I’ll tell you why… 

Every week I run a strategy call for clients usually around 90 minutes but with time to drift if needed. These calls start with a review of current activity but shift focus to ideation and planning. 

It’s these calls that have the most impact on our work and our business. Setting a strategy doesn’t stop when it’s written. The way I see it, our clients’ results are our marketing collateral and reputation. These calls allow us to adapt our tactics and get immediate client sign off for directional change. Agile AF.


Adam and I head to London for two days of client, prospect and advisory meetings. Last year we decided against opening a bullshit London ‘office’ – as a former client I can’t stand agency peacocking… it might work for some but most prospects see through it and it’s quite patronising. We opted for club memberships as they offer cooler environments to meet with clients that become familiar – and have rooms for overnight stays. 

We’re staying at Groucho Club tonight, which is wild. They have an art collection to die for. 

We head their first for a spot of lunch with the legendary Mary Keane-Dawson who lambasts our current sales and marketing process over two courses and a glass of wine. We’re working hard on a new proposition. 

We head over to Hammersmith for a client meeting, a newly formed team are looking to build a community around a charity proposition. Seeing the work they do is totally inspiring. 

On the way back, we stop in Kensington for a bite to eat and I thrash Adam at Scrabble in a pub that time forgot. I reckon we’d be good on Countdown though – his numbers are exceptional. 

We head back to Groucho – I get bollocked for taking a picture of a painting. The rules, written by Stephen Fry, say no photos allowed. Also no string vests. 


We kick off with a breakfast meeting with a potential client sponsor. I find it fascinating that just five years ago brands were at each other’s throats protecting their logo from ‘brand pollution’ and now collaboration and cobranding is everywhere. 

After this, we pitch a client we met last month at YMS London. We agree on a strategy project on the spot. There’s a first! 


Fridays are always a hard morning of tying up loose ends. We blast through reporting and project updates then get back to our proposition work. We realise how stupid we’ve been trying to market our tech in parallel to our agency. We make the decision to streamline our efforts. It’s not going to be easy but we’re feeling more optimistic than ever before. 

Through the day, we each pay a visit to our pals at Jersey St Social. We decided that free hair cuts were a good perk. I stand by that. 

Having worked away, I head home at 5pm on the dot to catch up with my wife and put the kids to bed. The weekend has landed. 

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