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The importance of fresh creative during the coronavirus crisis


Budgets are down, people are self-isolating and it’s a challenging time for every industry. But there’s a silver lining to every situation.

Sam St. John, Founder of Paragon Pictures, tells us to consider what people want to see right now, and make a brave decision, for the opportunity to stand out while everyone else is being cautious, and future-proof your business. 


In the past two weeks, the world has changed beyond our comprehension. No one could have imagined we would be at a complete standstill. This is our new normal. Businesses and advertisers will have to adapt to the drastic change in our everyday lives and rapidly evolving consumer habits. It’s now a time where people are learning how to keep themselves healthy and happy from the safety of their homes. 

We need companies and brands to step up and help us maintain human connection. There is a wave of live streaming content being released, from Joe Wicks getting the nation to work out in the morning to Jamie Oliver helping them fix lunch with cookery lessons. 

Brands are reaching out with initiatives for the greater good – rather than pure profit. LinkedIn is offering free online learning courses for people to keep their minds active. Online video communication apps like Loom and Jamm are even offering their services for free to keep working people connected. 

In these uncertain times, it’s important to remain calm and be agile, so you can take the unfolding news with a viewpoint for the future. 

Keeps society connected

Since the lockdown, everything has changed. Our clients are seeing a rise in demand for content that is tailored to this moment in time. As a production team who specialise in creative solutions, we’ve risen to the challenge. 

We’ve been busy filming workouts for people who need to keep in shape as they’re stuck indoors. With the temporary closure of gyms and membership fees being suspended, we’ve created content that will help our client stay in touch with their members. Home activities have become a top priority for businesses who want to maintain awareness with their customer base. 

What we all do now will be remembered long after the lockdown is over. It’s a time where brands can show their human side and give back to the community. It’s also an opportunity to bring personalised videos and messaging into the home to keep the customer connected with wider society. 

Human beings are social beings. Motion content allows us all to keep talking and lift our spirits in tough times. We’re seeing amazing displays of human connection, from balcony singing in Italy to self-isolation pub quizzes on Facetime or Google Hangouts.

Creative has changed 

Motion content created a month ago no longer feels as relevant. Already, TV shows of people at parties, hugging in social situations, seem at odds with the current global situation. 

Businesses must adapt. Fashion brands will put their leisure and home ranges up to the top of the page while outside life is postponed. Fitness and wellbeing companies will find ways to reach an indoor audience with energy to burn. Those brands that create content to fit the needs of their customers will be at the front of the line when normality returns. 

Filmed content directly impacts an audience by connecting people emotionally. We need fresh ideas and concepts more than ever during a global crisis that is transforming our lives day by day. Any uplifting distractions will be welcomed by people who need to destress. That’s exactly when positive, emotive and original work will set your brand apart.

Sam St. John (centre): “Right now, there’s space to take creative risks”

Brands can find real meaning in financial crisis 

It is possible for brands to thrive in times of crisis and benefit the population by using their unique offer for the common good. Vacuum tech brand Dyson has just taken an order for 10,000 ventilators to help meet the massive demand. It’s a prime example of how to use your strengths to help the public as well as keep your business afloat during the lean times. 

There is an old marketing phrase that goes, “When times are good you should advertise. When times are bad you must advertise.” In the 2008 recession, Amazon decided to expand their product range and increase their exposure. While their competition slowed down their campaigns, they went for maximum growth. They trusted that media buyers will support fresh creative, journalists are always desperate for new topics, and consumers want a distraction from their own struggles. 

Amazon’s profits jumped by 68% one year after the crash. They attracted new customers with their flagship Kindle range and low-cost ebooks, bringing in a stream of new sales across the site. Their growth since then has made owner Jeff Bezos the richest man on the planet. It wouldn’t have been possible without a brave business strategy, fresh concepts and ideas. 

Find your voice in the creative pause

Large-scale productions have slowed right down. This leaves the door open for leaner, smarter advertising. There is space to take creative risks and break through with something new and exciting.

If you instill confidence in your brand and marketing, then your customers will take this stability as a guiding light. We all need to know that there is more going on than a global pandemic, for our collective sanity. 

As we’re all waiting for the clouds to part, there is an opportunity to make the most of this creative pause. When we come out on the other side, it might be a new product, campaign ad or rebranding created in this moment that will help your business grow even stronger. Now is the time to create innovative motion content that will boost morale, future-proof your brand and keep yourself fresh in the mind of the consumer. 

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