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Founder F*ckups – Manchester

We're back in Manchester for the third in our popular series: Founder F*ckups! More war stories from people who have built successful companies, and the lessons they learnt along the way. Sign up for free today!


Scars and stories from founders trying to find funding and grow their business.

After a hugely successful inaugural event in Manchester, we’re back on home turf! The start-up scene isn’t short of people peddling their success stories. Every morning we wake up to a new ‘Linkedin lesson’ or humble brag.

Founders are too often given conflicting advice from those who’ve never actually grown a company. Growing a business is hard, the Founder Fuck Ups event series is about bringing us back to reality.

Hear from founders who’ve been there before and learned their lessons the hard way. More importantly, listen to what advice they wish they had beforehand. There will be a strict ‘no bullshit’ and ‘no judgment’ rule, and hopefully, everyone can enjoy some awkward stories we can all learn a little.

Our latest Manchester event is hosted in partnership with RBC Brewin Dolphin, who said:

“The city buzzes with founders trying to find innovative solutions to problems. Often, the things that go wrong are overlooked. Though this is where the greatest lessons lie. It is important founders learn from one another and share their experiences with the community.

“Whereas an employee will gradually build up wealth, picking up good habits along the way, a founder may accrue great wealth overnight and the responsibility for protecting their financial future is thrust upon them all at once.

“We hope our association with the event will motivate founders to consider their own finances, before making life-shifting decisions with the business.

“Even a short conversation can help to inform and guide the journey pre-exit, before protecting and focusing on what’s important post-exit.”

Hosted by Tania Rahman, Investment Manager at Praetura, we’ll be joined by:

  • Elizabeth Clark, Co-Founder CEO at Dream AI
  • Leon Wilson, Founder & CEO at PollenPay
  • Laura Pomfret Co-Founder of Financielle
  • Andrew Barlow Founder & CEO at Chatloop

As is start-up tradition, beers, and refreshments will be included.

Hosted by Prolific North, Department, The Start-Up Factory, Praetura Ventures, and RBC Brewin Dolphin

Bag your free spot here, but hurry places are filling up fast

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Start: September 21, 2023 5:00 pm
End: September 21, 2023 7:30 pm

Hosted at

The Stables Manchester

The Stables Bar & Canteen, Lower Byrom Street, Manchester, UK

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