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Attention media planning: fleeting fancy or a new pathway to effectiveness?


Brought to you by UM and McCann Leeds


  • Coral Cranmer – Head of Strategy & Planning at McCann Leeds
  • Helen Payne – Business Director at UM Leeds
  • Kevin Murphy – Group Managing Director at UM Central
  • Lee Moulding – Playground X,Y,Z
  • Vince McSweeney – Chief Creative Officer at McCann Central

The Agenda

Attention is at an all-time premium. Screen time is now at an average of seven hours per day, and our feeds are filled with more content and in more formats than ever before. This makes it incredibly difficult for brands to grab audience attention and make an impact. As part of the first session of the
day, Coral Cranmer, Head of Strategy and Planning at McCann Leeds, will set the cultural context for the rise of Attention Planning.

Against this backdrop, “attention” as a KPI is in the spotlight for its potential in determining the value of a brand’s investment in paid media. This has given rise to ‘attention economics’. However, the media planning community has seen many changes over the years. Some have been seismic,
such as the rise of digital disrupters like Google and Facebook; others, such as the craving for “media firsts” were less rooted in consumer insight and didn’t last.

So, where does Attention Planning sit in the latest line of media planning innovations? And what does this mean for established metrics like reach, frequency and viewability as we strive to land and build memory structures in our audience’s minds? In this second session, Helen Payne, Business
Director UM Leeds, and Kevin Murphy, Group Managing Director UM Central, will explain the case for Attention Planning and how to build it into your media campaigns.

Attention metrics focus on meaningful interactions consumers have with your brand. As such, attention is increasingly becoming a business-critical metric, not a soft one. But with the concept still in its emerging stages, are we ready to go all in on Attention Planning? As part of this session, join
UM’s Helen Payne and Lee Moulding from Playground X,Y,Z as they discuss the realities of Attention Planning from a media owner and media buying perspective.

However, in a world where integration is more important than ever, what does the rise of attention metrics in media and our cultural content overload mean for creative? Join Vince McSweeney, Chief Creative Officer for McCann Central in the final session of the day as he discusses the Creative
Director’s dilemma in a world where lo-fi and meme culture is winning, and media channels and formats become ever more fragmented and diverse, but ads focused on attention time can increase recall by almost 80%.

Join us for a lively and informative evening!

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Start: November 16, 2023 6:00 pm
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