N Brown seeks start ups for digital growth

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by Stephen Chapman

Manchester’s N Brown Group says it’s looking for digital start-ups to help it develop new technology across its retail business.

It’s a collaboration with L Marks, which has previously set up similar initiatives for John Lewis and Top Shop.

The start-ups will be encouraged to apply to the JDWorks programme and in return 8 successful applicants will take part in a 10 week partnership programme, receiving mentoring, office space and access to investment from the Group, to develop ideas.

“This is an incredibly exciting partnership for us. We’re in the middle of the biggest business transformation in our 140 year history, moving from being a direct-mail led to a digital first retailer,” said N Brown CEO Angela Spindler.

“Digital development is a massive focus for us and partnering with L Marks will allow us access to some of the most innovative ideas from start-ups, which by their nature, are very agile.  They can react extremely quickly to the opportunities presented by our ever changing retail and technology landscape.”

Companies will be looking at the following areas for potential development - product fit, ways to shop, customer experience, customer loyalty, supply chain and utilising new data.