Just around the corner? Shout A Cab App lets you track your taxi

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A Sharp Project start-up is bringing technology to the taxi service with an App that not only lets you book your taxi, but also track where it is.

The Shout A Cab team say the idea evolved from poor customer service from taxi companies and never knowing if and when the cab would turn up.

The new system has been designed so that you request a black cab via the website or app and then wait for a nearby driver to accept the job. Once accepted, you can track the taxi’s progress on a map in real time.

“All the cabs are independent. We are the middlemen really, so we provide drivers with a 7” tablet and then they can either accept or decline the job,” explained managing director, Neale Dumbleton.

“The system sends out the message to the 3 closest drivers, who are given a pick up location, but not the destination until they get near to the customer. We can also do advance bookings which go out to everyone.”

He added that the fares are ”very competitively priced in comparison to private hire firms” and that they fall in line with those set and regulated by local councils.

With no despatch centre, users are able to communicate directly with drivers through the app without passing on personal details.

The company’s been set up by the directors of Global Technology Team, along with a specialist marketing off-shoot - Shout A Cab Media, which will provide targeted, in-car advertising on screens behind the drivers.

“We will be able to remotely upload images and advertisements to the screen, so we don’t have to call individual cabs in to make changes. In the future, we’re hoping to use geolocation, with adverts specifically related to the areas of the city you’re driving through.”

So far 30 drivers have signed up to the system and once established in Greater Manchester they hope to rolls it out across the country.