UK loses its head to house in Creative Spark's latest ad for The Ministry of Sound

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Manchester agency Creative Spark has unveiled its new TV commercial for The Ministry of Sound’s latest album.

The new release, Ministry of House, looks to showcase the brand’s long-standing relationship with house music.

Taking a comedic direction, Creative Spark created a spoof ‘breaking news’ newsreel, depicting a country losing its head to house across cities including Manchester.

Watch the ad here:

Creative Spark’s creative director, Neil Marra, said: "As always, we had a great time working with the Ministry of Sound team. Creating this campaign for the 2016 annual was a great challenge, and as house music is pivotal to the brand, we knew the album would inevitably be the sound of the spring.

"We wanted to have some fun, be a bit cheeky and create something that really showed the infectiousness of the music. This ‘breaking news’ #househeads commercial does just that.”

Ministry of Sound’s head of compilations, Naz Idelji, added: “We’re very excited about our spring album and love what Creative Spark have done with the new campaign. This spring the #househeads will be taking over!”

Creative Spark, which has recently appointed a new deputy creative director, also works with the likes of Virgin Money, New Balance, Aegean Airlines and Manchester Metropolitan University.