SoupCo spends a year filming Elbow ahead of album launch

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Elbow is previewing its new album with a specially commissioned film from Salford’s SoupCo.

The production team has spent the last 12 months filming with the band, both at its Blueprint Studios home and Peter Gabriel’s Reelworld Studios.

“I’ve worked with Elbow for more than 10 years,” SoupCo’s Mark Thomas, told Prolific North.

“We started this film at Real World in Christmas 2012 and then spent the last year dipping in and out. So it’s been a lot of content to sift through. That said it’s a nice process because it’s good to have so many options in edit.”

Thomas started shooting content on Canon's C300 cameras, but then Blackmagic Design, which has a base in Cheshire, provided the team with one of its new Pocket Cinema Cameras for filming all the Blueprint Studio content, which forms the majority of the Flyboy Blue video. Thomas explained that out of the 9 shoots, 7 were on the Pocket Cinema Camera.

Being so small compared to standard film cameras, Thomas said it was challenge, but also quite an advantage.

“It was a bit of a learning curve, but a really nice tool to play with because it’s not very intrusive at all.

“And the footage from both cameras went together really well, with the Pocket Cinema Camera shooting to the ProRes format.”

The material was edited in Final Cut Pro X.

Since the video's release on YouTube on Wednesday, it's amassed more than 76k views.