Peaky Blinders to air this September

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by Stephen Chapman

The Cillian Murphy-fronted Peaky Blinders will air on BBC Two this autumn.

Shot on location in Yorkshire, it was one of the first projects funded through Screen Yorkshire’s Yorkshire Content Fund.

Created by Steven Knight (Eastern Promises), it’s directed by Otto Bathurst (Hustle) and stars Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill and Helen McCrory.

Set in 1919, Thomas Shelby (Murphy) is a war veteran and head of feared gang, the Peaky Blinders - named after the practice of sewing razor blades into the peaks of their caps.

But when Shelby comes into possession of a crate of guns from the local munitions factory, his power increases as he looks to take the gang up a level. However, it comes just as Winston Churchill orders Chief Inspector Campbell (Neill) to clean up the town and recover the weapons.

“I had no interest in making was a historical drama. I had no interest in just sort of rewinding the clock, and telling you what it was like in 1919. I was passionate that this should be lit and shot in exactly the same way as if this story was completely contemporary. Once I took off the shackles of historical accuracy, then you kind of go ‘cool’ now we can have some real fun here we can make a really cool show,” said Bathurst.

“Quite early on in the process, I remember the opening line of Goodfellas which is ‘From as far back as I remember, I always wanted to be a gangster’ and that for me, became this project. It was about creating this world that as a viewer you just want to go there and want to be in this gang.”

The 6-part series is a co-production between Caryn Mandabach Productions, the BBC and Tiger Aspect.

The first episode will air on BBC Two on September 12th from 9pm.