Channel 4 films Bouncers in the North East

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by Stephen Chapman

Channel 4 has commissioned a new 6 part documentary, Bouncers, which will be shot in the North East and Essex.

Made by Century Films, it follows a successful one-off film aired last year.

It’s described as an “intimate and explosive” portrait of Britain by night, viewed through the eyes of doormen.

“Britain is out to get smashed - old and young, rich and poor, and across cultures - and it doesn’t seem to care about the consequences,” state the programme notes.

"We made a single film about Bouncers in Newport last year, which was really revealing and the audience loved it. I thought it would be really interesting to take a deeper look, which a series allows,” said Anna Miralis, Channel 4 commissioning editor for documentaries.

“Bouncers provide an amazing insight into how Britain behaves at night and they get to see us at our worst - getting drunk, fighting and vomiting.

“And these days they're not just expected to enforce door policy, they're first aiders, social workers and relationship counsellors too. But I also wanted the series to hear from the punters, once they've sobered up, about why they act the way they do."

The series is executive produced by Liesel Evans at Century Films. The films are produced and directed by Sam Roubicek, Chris McLaughlin, Becky Maynard, Max Fisher and Cathy Durbin.

The first programme will focus on Blyth in Northumberland before moving to Jesmond in Newcastle.