An intensive leadership programme designed to help you take your business to the next level of commercial success

We know your time is frequently taken up fighting fires that come from the day-to-day running of your company. We also know you rarely get the time to think about the why or how these fires keep starting, and how to stop them happening.

This is precisely why we've designed the Quick and Dirty series of workshops for business leaders. We aim to get you out of your firefighter uniform and into something that feels like progress. We'll tackle all those buzzwords like efficiencies, performance, systems, process, targets and culture. You'll leave feeling like you have a simple roadmap of what needs tackling rather than pages of theory that will never get looked at again.


The programme is split into four high-impact sessions that run over four months. It is an intensive leadership programme and fully interactive. The room will be full of other like-minded leaders who also know what’s like to spend their days fighting fires. It’ll feel somewhere between business therapy and seeing a personal trainer. 

But most importantly, we'll keep you accountable. We've designed the programme to allow for space and time for you to put things into practice, apply and consolidate your learning. You'll actually see value from the time you spend with us. You'll start wanting to make small changes and get small results. By the end of the programme, the small incremental steps will amount to drastic changes and drastic results in your growth journey.

Are you ready?

Programme outline

Session one: Strategy and cashflow

  • What does growth mean to you?
  • How do you currently create strategy?
  • Strategy explained, strategy simplified.
  • Uncontrolled growth vs controlled growth
  • How strategy and communication are linked.
  • The psychology of cash
  • Creating wealth for business investment
  • How strategy and cashflow interact
  • Compound interest
  • Quick steps to drastically improve cashflow
  • Devising an action plan

Session two: Finding sales and leads

  • Your update from our last session
  • What drives growth?
  • Blockers and accelerators of growth and identifying what slows down sales in your business
  • Spotting your growth blind spots
  • The stages of lead generation
  • Marketing, Business Development and Sales
  • Resources and target setting
  • Specific actions to improve your current situation
  • Devising an action plan

Session three: Leadership and KPIs

  • Your update from our last session
  • Defining leadership
  • What’s your why?
  • Communicating your purpose
  • Managing the energy
  • Developing your team - what should you be looking for in your people and how to nurture them
  • How to simplify your role as a leader
  • Role of emotional intelligence in leadership
  • Setting minimum standards
  • Targets and stretch targets
  • Leadership, targets and recognition
  • Devising an action plan

Session four: Structure and systems

  • Your update from our last session
  • What do structure and systems mean to you?
  • Layers of management vs layers of skill
  • Value vs hierarchy; keeping inefficiency out of your business
  • What is the Peter principle and how to avoid it
  • Scales of responsibility and how to link remuneration and responsibility effectively
  • Product delivery positioning
  • Communicating your structure and system
  • Automating delivery systems
  • Devising an action plan

Is this programme right for you?

This programme is designed for senior business leaders with a minimum of three years' senior management experience, who are searching for strategic foresight to accelerate growth in their organisations.

You'll be learning alongside people with roles such as:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Managing Director
  • Business & function Head
  • Regional Director
  • Executive Director
  • Member of the board

Top tip: We recommend buddying up with another member of your senior team to attend this programme. From experience, we have found that sharing this learning experience with a colleague allows for a shared vision to be formed, which can help you implement your plan more effectively.

How will I benefit?

  • Challenge ideas and test assumptions on business growth
  • Reflect critically on your organisation’s strategy
  • Discover and develop frameworks to accelerate the growth of your organisation
  • Nurture your growth mindset by taking advantage of an expert support system 
  • Consolidate your learning and discuss the impact of your action plan at each session
  • Build links with an experienced group of business leaders & experts


Meet the Experts

David Milton

A qualified business psychologist and behavioural expert, David loves helping business leaders drive excellence. Between 2006 and 2012, David grew a startup with an annual turnover of £11,000 to a multi-national with a turnover of £4.2 million. 

Lucy Powers

With over 25 years of experience in product retail and construction service companies, Lucy is an expert in accelerating sales and improving performance by streamlining processes. Lucy has a keen enthusiasm for innovation and research & development.

Kate Cousens

Kate boasts 20-plus years of experience in reputation management, PR, marketing and corporate communications. Passionate about leadership, Kate aims to support people to believe in themselves and fulfil their potential.

Steve Lloyd

A seasoned business owner, Steve is equipped with a wide-ranging experience across operations, transformation and culture change implementation. Steve gets a kick from identifying and supporting the leaders of tomorrow.

Olga Fahey

Olga is an experienced, innovative and highly energetic leader with a strong ability to identify and capitalise on business opportunities. Working at both strategic and operational levels Olga has gained experience and transferrable skills over 20-plus years in management and director roles. As an expert in Change Management, she can provide leadership and support to all levels of employee.

Joining the programme

Who can apply?

The programme is for senior leaders at or near the top of their organisation with a minimum of three years' experience in senior management.

How to apply

Applications are made online here

For any questions about the programme, please contact Alexandra on or 0161 533 0691.


  • September 16th - Session one - Strategy and cashflow
  • October 21st - Session two - Finding sales and leads
  • November 11th - Session three - Leadership and KPIs
  • December 3rd - Session four - Structure and systems 


Early bird costs are £1,675 + VAT if booked before April 5th, and £1,875 + VAT thereafter.

Programme fee includes all tuition, education materials and refreshments.

Take advantage of our partner rates (15%) if three or more people from your organisation attend any of our programmes over a 12-month period.

Apply to take part in the Prolific North Leadership Programme