Jobs and careers in Northern media

The North's media and creative sector is undeniably enjoying a boom. Whether it's the thriving digital and e-commerce sector, with the likes of The Hut Group, Sky Betting and Gaming and Boohoo, or the increased presence of the BBC at MediaCityUK and Channel 4 in Leeds, the North is an increasingly atractive place to be for those pursuing a creative career.

For this Prolific+ series, we take a deep dive into MediaCityUK and Leeds and consider just why they are now media powerhouses in the North. We also look at the emerging job roles in the sector, and speak to five female leaders about how more women can be encouraged to pursue a career in tech.


In terms of job and business opportunities, MediaCityUK has grown into a centre of excellence in a very short time.

Nobody can say with certainty what tomorrow’s jobs will look like. As technology changes the face of every industry, new opportunities open up all the time, while others disappear.


Sometimes referred to as the digital capital of the North, people in Leeds know the city is overflowing with creative potential. The decision by Channel 4 to move their national HQ there brings with it opportunities for workers and challenges for the council.

With continual pressure being put on companies to address gender inequality in the workplace, research shows that we are making progress, albeit slow.