Digital health in the North

The digital transformation of healthcare is undergoing rapid growth, with the market forecast to exceed $379 billion by 2024, according to a recent report by Global Market Insights.

In this series of Prolific+ articles, we highlight five Northern startups at the cutting edge of digital healthcare, and focus in on one Salford-based company that's already providing remote access to consultations and free prescription drug delivery for 15 million people. We also meet three other interesting health and wellbeing companies in the region: fitness company Orangetheory, "wearable for the mind" Moodbeam and Yorkshire-based subscription service Vegan Tuck Box.

Vegan Tuck Box

Piers Morgan may deride it as an "increasingly irritating" concept, but veganism is indisputedly having its moment.

HealthTech promises to make healthcare more streamlined

According to the chief executive of Health Innovation Manchester, HealthTech “allows commissioners, providers and consumers alike to derive benefits”.

Demand is growing for the digitisation of the UK’s healthcare sector and the NHS is set to become more modern, user-friendly and cost-effective - if only it chooses to collaborate with the telehealth providers out there.

It's America's fastest growing studio gym franchise - and now Orangetheory Fitness is hoping its wearable tech workouts will catch on just as quickly in the UK.

Jonathan Elvidge and Christina Colmer McHugh, Moodbeam founders

In what can only be a positive move, more people are discussing mental health than ever before. In professional and personal spheres, it has become a high-profile topic of conversation.