Green, who has worked in various roles for the council since 2006, leads an extensive comms team based at Manchester Town Hall. A wide range of services are included within her brief, from translations and interpretations, digital production, creative design, print and mail and a commercial team, to the more tradition comms areas such as news, media and marketing.

There’s a £3million budget for public information and staffing, although parts of the service such as the design studio, print team and translations are income-generating, bringing in more than £1.7m a year.

Over the past 12 months, Green’s team has been pushing a new approach called Our Manchester, which is all about working ‘with’ people rather than ‘doing to’ them. As the University of Salford graduate admits, the council has been guilty in the past of “being more about broadcasting than engaging with people”, and so greater efforts have been made, for instance, in seeking people’s views around the council’s budget-setting process. “People told us that the condition of the city’s roads was a big issue for them and we are putting major investment into highways, partly as a result of their feedback,” says Green.

Away from the office, Green is a season ticket-holder at Sale Sharks.