'Pay as you Grow' eCommerce platform promises 1.6% gateway rate for customers

Josh Peachey's picture

Shopit, a ‘Pay as you Grow’ eCommerce platform, is further extending its customer value proposition with the announcement of a lifetime low rate of 1.6% + 10p for all users. 

At half the opening Paypal and Amazon Payments rate of 3.2% +20p, and lower than Shopify, EKM and multiple other competitor platforms, Shopit’s cheaper rate is available to every approved customer for life.

 Adam Pritchard, CEO, said ”Our Pay as you Grow model combined with the Shopit Payments rate of 1.6%, gives small and medium businesses a greater opportunity to achieve their dreams.

“All these savings can be invested in the vital sales and marketing campaigns required to grow a business.” 
Shopit aims to democratise the eCommerce experience for sellers, giving every feature to every customer without the need to pay more to upgrade for additional functionality. 

As a Google SaaS Partner, their Pay as you Grow model also means that customers pay less for monthly licence costs. 
Shopit claims that it will see them save up to 40% on these essential fees. 

The platform allows users to create and manage multiple B2B and B2C websites and includes all product, stock and customer management features as standard, all of which are managed from one single central interface.