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Uniform’s staff keep track of Ashes score with “interactive desktop wicket”


Liverpool agency Uniform has created an “interactive desktop wicket” to allow its office-bound staff to keep track of England’s progress in the Ashes series.

‘Howzat!’ wirelessly connects to cricket news sites and constantly checks for the latest score. When a wicket falls at Trent Bridge, Howzat’s stumps tumble.

Scott McCubbin, associate director, said: “We wanted to create an object that gave a more tangible real time update on the score than push notifications and live feeds, and focused on the data that really matters – wickets.

“Regardless of which side you’re supporting, the length of time between wickets falling is a strong, simple indicator of your team’s fortunes.”

Watch Howzat! in action here:

The agency added: “It can’t replicate grown men dressed as minions, doesn’t supply endless trays of beer, but we’re looking forward to Howzat! bringing a touch of Ashes fever to the office.”

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