Why it’s time to uncover the role played by online media coverage in driving sales - join a virtual roundtable with Metricomm

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by Rachael Hesno

Volume of media coverage has traditionally been used as a core metric by the PR industry and within evaluation systems - but does volume have an impact on business sales?

At a virtual roundtable to be held in partnership with Prolific North next week, data-focused media evaluation firm Metricomm will argue that the audience generated by, rather than volume of online media coverage, is what plays the vital role in driving potential sales for a business.

The discussion, titled Unlocking the Untapped Business Potential of Online Media Coverage, will be held virtually at 10am on Thursday November 18 and will delve into how marketing teams can utilise the benefits of online media coverage to steer an uplift in potential sales.

Metricomm wants to “nudge” the industry following recent developments in measurement, which have enabled the business outcomes from online media coverage to be fully understood for the first time. 

During the hour-long discussion, Metricomm will explore what marketing, advertising and PR specialists need to do to take greater advantage of online media coverage and assess how it can be utilised to benefit a business.

Mark Westaby, Director of Metricomm, said: “At the moment, evaluation systems focus on volume which inherently fails to paint a true picture of what actually is happening as a result of the coverage.

“Because we [at Metricomm] focus on the audience that is actually being reached and engaged by the coverage, what we do reflects very much the reality of the impact of the coverage on real consumers.”

He added: “Online media coverage, which is by far in a way where most people now get their information, actually has a much bigger impact throughout the funnel from consideration through to sales than people realise or that some people want to accept.”


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