Leading Channel 4 figure to chair Generation Z roundtable

Charlie Spargo's picture

Zoe Bowen-Jones, Research Manager at Channel 4, will be the guest chair at Prolific North’s upcoming roundtable discussion, discussing the topic of Generation Z.

Held in association with Access and Acquia, the roundtable takes place on April 4th between 9:30am and 11:30am at B Works, CYBG’s hub on Market Street, Manchester.

And we’re proud to welcome Zoe Bowen-Jones to lead the discussion, alongside an excellent mix of influential attendees from different sectors.

These will include Ash Kumar, founder of local fashion brand Native Youth; Helen Keefe, Director of Marketing at MMU; Mike Cunsolo, Head of Marketing at radio.co; and Jon Dutton, CEO of the Rugby League World Cup 2021.

Generation Z is defined as the generation of young people immediately folllowing Millennials. Generally they can be categorised as those born after the mid-90s, though there is no precise agreed time.

The generation, the oldest of whom have been in adulthood for at least five years, are said to have fascinating and unpredictable consumption habits. They are focused on good value, sustainability, and ease of access - having spent their whole lives with access to the internet.

The upcoming roundtable will focus on how marketplaces must change to adapt to their demands, and consider the value of corporate social responsibility.