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Find out the latest report coverage and news from the North of England and Scotland with Prolific North. Including the very latest and most important reports, we take great pride in being able to offer the latest insights and information from the world of marketing, digital, broadcasting and more.

Leading figures from the media owner and buyer world will speak at this month's webinar based on the findings of YouGov's recent whitepaper.

Sign up to attend YouGov's webinar where panelists will discuss the findings of the recent International Media Consumption Report 2021.

YouGov’s most recent report has revealed the dramatic extent to which media consumption has been impacted by COVID-19.

YouGov’s recent consumer tech whitepaper took a look at the global market, with a certain focus on how consumers in Great Britain see the growth of wearables.

Tech adopters around the world are far from a homogenous bloc. They’re diverse, aspirational, and optimistic - but never predictable.

YouGov 's marketing-focused whitepaper has been released ahead of the Prolific North 'Nostalgia in Advertising' evening event next week, Wednesday 20th November.

The manifesto is a joint initiative from the three media publishers, following their previous collaboration on the Power Up the North campaign and their damning assessment of Northern Rail services.

As one year ends, another begins - but what will 2019 mean for our sector?

VIP Worldwide has produced a series of VR campaigns for Rosewood, Ty Warner and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Leeds eCommerce agency Onstate has launched a new website for healthy catering and meal delivery service Lean Lunch.


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