Reach unites titles for climate crisis

Stephen Chapman's picture

Reach has united its regional brands for the first time to highlight the climate crisis.

The publisher produced special issues across 25 large regional print titles and 37 regional websites, including Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo and The Chronicle - Newcastle.

They all changed their mastheads to incorporate the Do1Thing campaign logo and printed regional content to mark the day.

Reach said that the campaign would reach 155 million monthly users online and 1 million newspaper readers across the UK.

“Our editors agree that we have a responsibility to inform our readers and encourage them to address the climate crisis in their own way. As the leading regional publisher, we are in a strong position to engage and energise our readers to make positive changes to help the environment,” explained Toby Chapman, Assistant Editorial Director, Regionals, at Reach.

The aim of the promotion is to provide “local stories, expert advice and practical tips to help the environment.”