Unilad, the Manchester-based website which is currently the top publisher on Facebook globally, has been bought by its biggest rival, LadBible.

A former Liverpool Echo journalist has launched a newsprint version of her food and drink magazine and website.

The National Union of Journalists is holding talks with Johnston Press, which publishes the Yorkshire Post and Sheffield Star.

Johnston Press has announced this morning that it is seeking a buyer.

Newsquest Cumbria journalists will meet on council premises today to discuss their year-long pay claim after the company banned NUJ meetings at its HQ.


The newspaper was launched on October 10th 1868, with founding editor Mitchell Henry saying: “In putting ourselves into print, we have no apology to offer, but the assurance of an honest aim to serve the public interest."

Lord Hall, the director general of the BBC, has insisted that the corporation is not "in opposition" to local journalism.

Harold Evans

Sir Harold Evans, the most celebrated British newspaper editor of his generation, insists local newspapers will survive, because they are “such an essential part of democracy”.

Reach, publisher of the Manchester Evening News and Liverpool Echo, has reported third-quarter revenue growth of 21% and says it is “on track” to make £2m savings this year.


Lad Bible has confirmed it recently bid for Unilad and is owed £5m by the Manchester-based viral publisher, which went into administration on Thursday.


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