Manchester agency produces 'ordinary superheroes' set for Morrisons

Simon Austin's picture
by Simon Austin

Manchester-based Milk Jnr’s & Kidworks has turned the four characters it created for Morrisons last year into an exclusive set of collectable figures.

The characters, which are based on real-life roles undertaken in-store with an added superhero ability, were initially incorporated into activity packs for Morrisons’ in-store cafes.

Aimee Johnstone, brand strategy director at Milk Jnr’s & Kidworks, said: “Since we launched the characters last year their popularity has grown and grown so the introduction of physical collectable figures seemed like a natural step. Initial feedback has been fantastic and we hope they will resonate with Morrison’s younger diners.”

Sam Wells, Head of Trading for Cafes at Morrisons, added: As a business we always look for new ways of engaging with our customers – regardless of age. The response to our family of superheroes has been amazing and we hope they will make an ever better in-cafe experience.”

The characters are:

  • Polly, a cafe assistant, who turns into Polymorphic. She can be in more than one place at once and helps out anyone who needs her in her neighbourhood.
  • Hassan, a fishmonger, who turns into O-Mega Man. He can breathe underwater and swims the rivers, oceans and lakes of the UK, protecting our waters and wildlife from pollution.
  • Alex, a baker, who morphs into The Mighty Dash. She can travel at lightning speed to rescue people and help in emergencies. And...
  • William, a fresh produce manager, also known as The Green Defender. He has magic green fingers and can rejuvenate anything at a single touch, helping to protect the planet and keep flowers, plants and trees healthy.