Tangerine vegan campaign drives Pizza Hut Jackfruit sales

Stephen Chapman's picture

Pizza Hut sold 10,000 vegan pizzas in the first 11 days of its Veganuary campaign, led by Tangerine.

The Manchester agency was briefed to raise awareness of Pizza Hut’s new Vegan Jackfruit Pizza and support a 41% discount offer.

With the product only available for a limited time, Tangerine launched the campaign on New Year’s Day, with a “food porn” video, showcasing the pizza, which was then seeded out across social media, reaching in excess of 118k users.

It was then featured in daily newspapers, MoneySaving Expert and LadBible, leading to an increase in sales of vegan products by 20%.

Social ads reached 1.3m in the first fortnight, while reactive Tweets reached 3.15m, with 6.3k retweets and 38k engagements.

This was helped by the Veganuary’s most successful promoter, Piers Morgan, who was probably still reeling after the Gregg’s vegan sausage roll. Tangerine encouraged Twitter followers to tag him in when talking about the new product. That led to an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

In the Pizza Hut restaurants, a ‘Vegan-o-meter’ was set-up to track the number of Vegans walking through the doors, with the added incentive that the Vegan Jackfruit Pizza would become a permanent menu item if the initial target was met.