Squad creates new manifesto for Boutinot wines

Simon Austin's picture

Squad, the ‘management consultancy meets creative agency’, has created a ‘manifesto’ for quality wine distributor Boutinot.

The Manchester agency has been working with Boutinot for the last two years, starting with a business-wide research project to unearth the ethos of the 38-year-old distributor.

Squad then created a manifesto for the brand about ‘Wine People’ and upgraded its visual identity. 

Rob Gray, Strategy Partner at Squad, said: “In the past, Boutinot could share their stories around the metaphorical campfire, with staff and customers.

"But with success comes more people, and there are now too many people to meet around the campfire - yet the need for stories is even more critical, both for internal culture and external relationships.

“As well as writing stories and creating films, we created tools to help Boutinot tell their stories. We co-ran a storytelling workshop and worked closely with their internal creative team to embed storytelling, verbally and visually, into their creative approach day to day.”

Catherine Gort, Head of Marketing at Boutinot, added: “Squad seemed to just ‘get’ both the problem we needed to solve, and our company DNA, almost immediately. 

“They are fantastic to work with – endlessly patient, encouraging and supportive, helping to set the needle in the right direction for our overarching brand story, narrative and visual output.”