You’re twistin’ my tariffs man. Love Energy Savings sponsors Get Buzzin’ with Bez

Stephen Chapman's picture
by Stephen Chapman

Love Energy Savings has stepped in to support Happy Mondays’ legend Bez as he brings his unique take to lockdown fitness.

Taking inspiration from Joe Wicks, 56-year-old Bez is seeking to get in shape, through a new YouTube channel, Get Buzzin’ With Bez.

The show will document his journey to get fit after putting on the lockdown pounds.

“It’s about time I got in shape. I’ve been overdoing the sweets and sugary drinks in lockdown and I know I need to knock all of that on the head,” he said.

“It’s going to be tough - but if I can get fit, then anyone can. I’m really excited to see where this new project takes me and want to thank Love Energy Savings for their support.”

Bolton’s Love Energy Savings has signed up as the launch sponsor of the programmes.

“We’re really buzzing to have linked up with Bez as he takes his first steps on his fitness journey,” said Love Energy Savings Chief Marketing Officer Phil Windas.

“At Love Energy Savings we take our employee wellbeing very seriously. That’s why since the first lockdown we have been holding daily fitness classes for the entire workforce.”