Zut creates Nifty Fifty ad campaign for Betfred

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Nifty Fifty

Liverpool’s Zut has created an advertising campaign for Betfred’s new Numbers game, The Nifty Fifty.

The 30-second TV commercial, which was first aired on Friday, takes the viewer back to the 1950, with an adapted version of Great Balls of Fire.

Gemma Strath, Group Head of Marketing at Betfred, said: “We are extremely excited about the launch of our new product and TV campaign. The key inspiration for us was the fifties, playing on the name of our new numbers game.

“It’s been a lot of fun developing the ‘Nifty’ character and music with Zut. They pulled out all of the stops to make the advert, and our ‘Nifty’ character, larger than life. Their team have done an amazing job to make this happen.”

Matt Thompson, Creative Director at Zút, added: “We felt strongly from the start of the creative process that the advert needed both live action and GGI elements to give ‘Nifty’ a big screen presence. Having secured such an iconic music track we wanted to make sure that our on-screen performances lived up it.

“Shooting post COVID lockdown added an extra layer of complexity so we are extremely proud of what our team has achieved. Extra precautions were taken to ensure everyone was kept safe whist filming, working in accordance with government guidelines for the TV and Film Industry.”

Zút is a 22-strong creative production agency with clients including Liverpool Football Club, Knauf Insulation, Chester Racecourse and The English Football League.